Side Door Production 

is a full-service, scalable solution for small-to-medium productions and a competent contributor for larger-scale productions. 

Side Door Production & Kelly King

Kelly's aptitude for production management is the culmination of a career in customer service, communications, small business management, design, and bookkeeping. A wide-ranging background across industries and markets gives Kelly a unique handle on, well... everything!


With analytical tactics and a natural curiosity for worst-case-scenarios, Kelly is not only an effective planner but a risk-eliminator as well. She leaves little to chance, covers all bases, and handles the unexpected with calm, grace, and a relentless pursuit of solutions.


Kelly's signature people skills include remembering everyone by name... from the parking deck to the penthouse. She's affable, articulate, and always brings chocolate on set. Her support services are designed to bring clarity and confidence to everyone on set so they can focus on the work at hand without distraction, dysfunction, or delay.


Kelly has a network of resources and relationships in the greater Atlanta area to connect with locations and venues, crew and assistants, digital techs, lighting assistants, stylists, art directors, photographers, videographers, transport services, scouts and shoppers, craft service, gear rentals, prop furniture, and more.


Whether you need a resource or a ring-leader, Kelly King and Side Door Production can probably help. Reach out today and let's talk!

Kelly King



Serving Georgia and the Southeast