Side Door Production can help drive the whole way... or hop in to ride shotgun on shoot day.

Asking the right questions and checking all the boxes, Kelly can take almost everything off your plate but the camera... the client...  and the creative process.

What if you had nothing else to worry about?


Over the last 4 years, Kelly has single-handedly managed dozens of location shoots as the in-house producer for Abraham Photo and helped photographer Tom Abraham nearly double his image delivery to clients.


At any stage in the processes, Kelly's work contributes to the universal benefits of a higher scene count, higher image count, better use of time, best use of budgets, less confusion, less worry, a more relaxed and enjoyable process... and on shoot day, the photographer can give the client undivided attention. 


Clients and creative agents trust Kelly and have tremendous confidence in her work. Her value-add receives high praise across the board for her planning, implementations, and ability to field changes on the fly. She's practical, quick thinking, and warmly hospitable.


Kelly's a gracious moderator able to facilitate communication and logistics between photographer, crew, client team, and third-party associates for optimal flow and with minimal intrusion. Side Door Production uses an online dashboard to keep shared information at everyone's fingertips and Kelly's emails are coded for search-function. 

Wherever you are in your process, and however much "process" you need, Side Door Production and Kelly's approach can add benefit for everyone involved. 


If you have creative ideas in development you can bounce them off Kelly for logistic feedback.

If you and the client are brainstorming, let Kelly offer constructive input.


Kelly can help tally the costs of a dream-scenario or calculate the reach of a predetermined budget and offer practical options for offering the best deal to your client.


If you already know the where, when, and how much... Kelly can receive that as a hand-off and implement all the preparations. You can focus on the client and creativity while she handles the moving parts for shoot day. 


Shoot-ready but short-handed? Kelly can serve as handler and point-person to field distractions, handle curve-balls, foster flow, and provide general set support. Kelly's traveling production kit is equipped with a work-table, craft service support, and a stack of tool-filled totes, to serve as a mobile base-camp on location.

Talk is cheap. In fact... it's free. Call any time to chat.  

I'm actively networking with all walks of production and happy to spend a few minutes saying hello to anyone in the industry if it helps us keep each other in mind for future conversations. 

Kelly King



Serving Georgia and the Southeast