Services Available

Location Scouting & Media Requests

We have relationships with scouts all over Atlanta as well as our own library of venues. 

Rental Furniture & Prop Sourcing

We can obtain high-end furnishings from some of Atlanta's more exclusive retailers and all local prop houses in town. 

Technical Crew

Lighting, sound, digital, video... experts, assistants, gear gurus, and more. We can hire the right people for the job.

Gear & Rentals

We work with local pro shops to get you what you need for as long as you need it. Whatever it is.

Talent & Support

Models, make-up, art directors, stylists... on both sides of the lens, we can make everything look good.

Craft Service

Making sure everyone on set has drinks, snacks, and meals all day to stay energized and focused.


Whether it's people or product, we can get it there and back again.




Client Service & Vendor Relations

We are trusted to engage with clients and vendors across many business partnerships because we treat them like our own. 



Keeping everyone in the loop with clarity, candor, and a searchable label system for email


Logistics & Creative Solutions

We love a good challenge. And we have right- and left-brain solutions to most anything. Sometimes both!


Agreements, Negotiations, Insurance & Permits

We make sure all paperwork is in order, and avoid surprises on shoot day.


Organization & Administration

Project stay orderly with a comprehensive filing system and all moving parts are tracked as they go. 


Budget Oversight & Time Management

We stay mindful of your money (and time) to make sure projects are where they need to be.


On-Set Supervision

On shoot day, Kelly is tireless on set and hands-on helpful in every way. 

Kelly King



Serving Georgia and the Southeast